Friday, July 22, 2016

The record hot year 2016 – Gazeta Wyborcza

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             Demonstration of environmental  organizations at the summit COP21 in Paris &  # x17C; u.

demonstration of environmental organizations at the summit COP21 in Paris. (MAL LANGSDON / REUTERS / REUTERS)



All previous months of the current year were exceptionally warm. The record low is responsible for this area of ​​sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.





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According to NASA, the first half of 2016. Was 1.3 deg. C warmer than the last decade of the nineteenth century. June was the in turn, the ninth consecutive month in which the average global temperature was the highest on record (fourteenth - by NOAA, US National Agency for Research Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is a little different calculates global temperatures).

Warming is strongly felt in the Arctic. According to the US National Center for the Study of Snow and Ice (NSIDC), due to higher temperatures and specific atmospheric circulation extent of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is so far the smallest of the start of the satellite observations in 1979. In five of the first six months of the year, the ice was a record small surface area, and in March - the second smallest.

the ice cover of the Arctic Ocean lives in the cycle of the March highs and September lows. For now, the smallest was in September 2012. This year may be less, but it does not have to.

It is very likely that this year will beat the record hot achieved by the year 2015. The previous record holder was the year ... 2014. Fourteen of the warmest years in the history of global temperature measurements dating back to 1880. hit us already in the twenty-first century.

the exception was 1998, in which there was a very strong El Nino climate phenomenon that has always strongly heats the world. We had to deal with him as late last and early this year.

The effects of El Nino are now compounded by human-induced global warming. It's not just a record average temperatures, but extremely powerful extreme weather events (eg. Drought and floods), and the extinction of coral reefs, which in the arid tropical regions of the ocean are an oasis of life.

According to NOAA the first half of the year in Poland was not a record-hot, but it was much warmer than the average of the twentieth century.



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